Offer of transport


A2OC Donor
I have an interview in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, on Monday at 1PM.
I will be leaving Hayling Island around 10.30 am.
If anyone needs some parts to be transported in the area, please let me know asap.
I'll be happy to help. I won't charge anything but a donation to the Club would be appreciated.


I might take you up on your very kind offer. I live in Hambledon (near Clanfield, just off the A3) and I’ve spotted a set of 15” alloys for sale in Swindon. Could that work for you?


Admin Team
Good luck Herve. A kind offer to the A2 community too. Spent many memorable weeks in Moreton whilst on training courses with work. A lovely place.


A2OC Donor
I remember the daisy chain of handling and storage that brought me a Votex kit from London to Glasgow. Birchall, Bargepower and Depronman - legends all.

If anyone needs something transported (non-urgently) from Ayrshire to Glasgow (and occasionally the Ardnamurchan peninsula) let me know.

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