opensky roof


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bit far but thank you very much iv just bought the car which has the oss but weirdly enough the the panel what should have the operating switch on has been changed to the non oss panel so i dont even know if it works or not seen one for £40 but thought id see if anyone was handy first.Once again thanks pal.Ant.


I can only guess they changed the panel to a non-OSS one to avoid opening the roof by accident. If the OSS is broken it might open a bit and then get stuck open, which is not ideal.


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I suspect that as said above the OSS is now BSS (broken sky system)
I also have a lead which connects to the OSS motor with a switch on it, I use this to run the motor when I'm rebuilding OSS's on the bench so to speak
Happy to connect this up to your car to establish if the OSS is BSS