OSS 'Open Sky System' Motor mount


I also fitted one to Andrew cars through the hole in the head lining where the light panel goes
Certainly doable with a angle head on the dremmal

How many more would you like ?
I over made a few and one or two members dropped out so I have some in stock


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Quick question: my OSS used to open fully until I decided to upgrade to the 2-stage motor after when it started doing nothing for the first few seconds hence it now opens 80%. Would that still be open enough to proceed with the installation of the new mount or not? Thanks

PS. I already tried squeezing the two "rails" together but there was no play and no improvement.


I fit the machines oss with the oss fully shut

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Yes, you can do it with the roof shut, it just means you have to cut the old housing off rather than slide it along the bronze tubes.
Your roof needs attention if the motor turns without moving the glass panels.