Passenger window switch connector is different


Hi all

When replacing my passenger side window switch i noticed that the connections are different. The replacement switch connector (right side in the picture) looks to be a 4pin compared to the original 12pin

Anyone encountered and conquered this issue?



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Admin Team
Yes, there are two different styles of connector for the earlier window switches (with the window-outline icon). The original one is the one on the left in your photo, which was superceded by the smaller one on the right. The later switches (with the door-outline and solid window icon) also have the smaller connector.

Your choices are either to find the correct switch for your doorcard wiring loom, or the correct doorcard wiring loom with the connector you need. Or I believe you could just acquire the correct connector with the wire tails on the back and solder it onto your current doorcard loom in place of the existing connector, but some translation of colours may be necessary. I'm sure there'll be someone out there who knows more about that than I do though.