POPART Style Print (Group Buy) - *May 21 Update - Ready to Order*

Colour request

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Hi folks, sorry this has taken rather longer than I initially thought as, well Covid and family etc.

So, having spoken to the gentleman doing the prints I now have the following provisional orders. Could everybody just confirm for me (by PM preferably) and I will get the orders off to him.

I need to limit the options as much as I can really, so I think ALL prints will have FOG LIGHTS (unless somebody specifically wants it WITHOUT in which case it will cost the £45 version)

*The cost will be without delivery - £5 will cover P&P per order (if you're ordering more than one print it's just a single delivery cost).

CustomerColourNumber PlateFlat Grille/Slatted Grille?Votex KitCost* (+P&P)
@DaleCAtlantic Blue (LY7R - Crystal Blue?)Yes(TBA)No£22.50
@DaleCMaritius BlueYes(TBA)No£22.50
@ProghoundImola Yellow Colour Storm* With yellow mirrorsYesSlattedNo£45.00
@ProghoundCrystal Blue LY7RYesFlatNo£22.50
@ThedudeabidesSilver (LY7W)YesFlatNo£22.50
@QuatroA2Silver (LY7W?)Yes(TBA)No£22.50
@RobTTDolphin Grey No foglightsYesFlatYes£45.00
@CrgwalRed Colour Storm (Black mirrors)YesFlatNo£22.50
@McGRed Colour Storm (Black mirrors)YesFlatNo£22.50
@MightyleaderCrystal Blue (LY7R)Yes(TBA)No£22.50
@oneflewoverBlue Colour StormYesFlatNo£22.50
@ErlingtheyoungerCrystal Blue (LY7R)YesSlatted GrilleYes (Dark Silver coloured)£45.00
@steve@cromfordSilver LY7WYesFlatNo£22.50
@pogheadSilver (L7YW?)Yes?(TBA)No£22.50
@SootywgCrystal Blue (LY7R)Yes?(TBA)No£22.50
@MbzparDolphin GreyYes?(TBA)No£22.50

If anybody else wants to order in the first batch let me know by the weekend so I can pin him down to work on these next week.
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Thanks to all those who have come back to me already. A couple have paid already, which is great.

Just a quick note to say I've added P&P to the orders, as I'd forgotten just how much it costs to send postal tubes by Royal Mail.