Post-Tandem Pump Failure, Parts List?


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I've moved this over from an enquiry I made to Tom @CreweAudi on his group buy thread, as it seems worthy of a topic in its own right.

While my tandem pump currently seems to be in good health, as far as I know it's the original so it's over 18 years old. A quick read of the various threads on the aftermath of a diesel leak from the tandem pump and especially the effects it has on all of the rubber pipes below it, makes me think it would be well worth compiling a list of the hoses, seals and other fittings (complete with part numbers) that get written off by the leaking diesel, to speed up the repair job for those unfortunate enough to need it. If Tom could supply the parts as a 'kit', that would make life easier still.

7zap is confusing (to me, anyway 😕 ) as it splits the hose network across several pages and it doesn't make it easy to work out what-connects-to-what. The pages seem to vary quite a lot from year to year as well. I need to go and have a look at my car to get a better idea of what's needed.

So far, I've got (for an earlier model 1.4TDi AMF, I think):

038 121 132 C Housing for temperature sender. Does this come with all the necessary seals/gaskets?
8Z0 121 101 T & 8Z2 121 058 (The hoses that fit on either end of the above housing?)
6N0 121 086 D A pair of hoses that are bound together by a wrap. I think later cars use a later letter-code version of the same thing
8Z0 212 109 G Hose
N 90765301 32mm x 4mm O ring
8Z2 121 107 A Hose. I've seen this one mentioned in threads on leaking pumps, but must admit I can't find it in the parts diagrams. Is it for later cars only?

Please pitch in if you've bought the required hoses in the past! This thread has some useful information and photos. Many thanks to @<tuffty/> :



Very timely idea. The hose you can’t locate in 7zap above is the return to the expansion vessel if I remember correctly.


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Not got access to manuals right now but will try to sort something out over the next couple of days.
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This is a provisional list for RHD cars. I would like @CreweAudi to confirm or update the part numbers.
Pump Bosch F009D02799
Pump Gasket 038145215
Block to expansion tank (upper) 8Z2121107A
Expansion tank bottom hose 8Z0121109G
Double pipe to oil cooler 6N0121086F
Heater inlet hose ??
Heater outlet hose 8Z0819373P
Distribution manifold O ring 037121688
Radiator top hose 8Z0121101T
Top hose O ring N90765301
Various clamps for all the hoses
N90686701, N90770201, N90686901, N90687001, N90687101 and N90687201
As can be seen I need the part number for the heater inlet hose as I could only find reference to a LHD hose (8Z1819371B)
The above parts are common to AMF, BHC and ATL engines without Webasto heater
Only the quantity of hose clamps change between the models. The radiator top hose and O ring may not be needed depends on how bad the leak was.


Regarding the heater inlet hose question (I have a vested interest in the hoses subjacent to the leaking diesel tandem pump so I've been following this thread as I need to get a couple of them)

looking at the 7zap exploded diagrams and

On the first diagram, for RHD diesel car without air conditioning it doesn't appear to specify a part (unless it is this part 7 variant- 8Z0 819 371 J). However, with air-con and additional heater it appears to be part 8 (8Z2 819 371 or 8Z2 819 371A depending on build date) ; then there are a whole series of pipes connecting up to and back from the auxiliary heater (parts 13, 16 and 17), then a short pipe (14) that connects up to the heater inlet. Or have I misunderstood that completely?