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Yes number 1 child. I had a bill yesterday for her school dinners. Great except that she has packed lunch. She had unbeknown to me been throwing her packed lunch in the bin and booking herself in for a 2 course school dinner every day for a week. 😂😂 Smart kid for 5 😉
What a smart 5 year old :) 😅

You must make a bad pack lunch Steve !!! 😂🤢


Stage 2
20-30mm spacers
Arch extensions
Running bars into jacking points??
Raise suspension
Fit AT tyres on 15 or 16 inch wheels

Although I quite like the way it looks at stage 1. As you know, a project is never finished...until I sell it 🤣
Loving it Steve. Starting to notice a few more Polo Dunes on the road now and I think your A2 variant will turn out much better but still in keeping with VAG styling


It looks nice with those 16" rims.
Maybe just bigger (and wider) tyres ? (along with some spacers to raise the suspension, or longer springs)
Something like 215/50-16 or 215/55 ?


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Can't quite tell, have you recoloured the black window trim to anthracite? When are the wheels going on? Even just to tease us?


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Can't quite tell, have you recoloured the black window trim to anthracite? When are the wheels going on? Even just to tease us?
No, that's still factory colour.

I had already purchased the wheels before deciding to do the allroad look so they don't strictly work, but they will do for the time being and are period matched wheels for the car. ABT A24 8x18 inch with 225/35/18 tyres.

Google photo just to show
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Perhaps the window trim would look good in anthracite? What ET are those wheels?
They are Et35 so will fill the arches nicely. I haven't actually seen them yet though, they are with Jellybean. Hoping to collect them soon.


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Well lets be honest I'm sure you have had so many different wheel and tyre combinations fitted to your fleet that you know not only what gives the look you want but also what tyres and or spacers are needed. Any chance of a photo of these wheels against the car? Even jacked up to show the intended running height.


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Had a visit from @Jellybean and his lovely wife Jan yesterday. They kindly brought my new wheels up to me after collecting them a couple of weeks ago from @A2 Louis

I was pleasantly surprised with the wheels in that they already had the polished lip that I wanted to add to them, but it was simply corroded. It just so happens that I have the polishing kit here to do the job.

Stage one

Rub down with 1200 grit wet and dry

Then a 3 stage polish


Finsihed off with a autosol hand polish

And here's the before and after

Only 3 more to do, but that will have to wait for another day.