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Hi all I thought I’d make a thread on my project boris so here goes my to do list

•Sort knock sensor wire. Going to garage very soon to get that sorted ?👍
•new thermostat and housing👍
•sort fuel pressure issue (common fault on 1.6 fsi)👍
•full major service done by myself or WOM AUTOMOTIVE ?👍
•install double din dash for sat nav
•maybe install fogs
•new radio concert as the buttons worn slightly?👍
•new climate control as buttons worn slightly👍
• maybe heated seats fitted

Recently parts been fitted to the car

•high pressure fuel pump
•fuel pump (Tank)
• new clutch
•intake manifold upper and lower part replaced
•new fuel filter
•Throttle Body
• 4 new coil packs

Here’s pictures of when I got the car 7th December 2018

And now the car 20th February 2019 not muched changed accept a good clean most work done is under the bonnet
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A2 Louis

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Hi everyone just in case your interested I’ve updated the list above.:) What does everyone think to me putting a votex kit on Boris ? Or should I keep it original?:):p

My thoughts are similar..
I would love a Votex .
I would love a 90bhp .
I would want it OSS .
To get these together is never gonna happen!
You gotta love the Red Votex & Grey & the White .
I think Votex suits the Silver A2 the best.
On our metallic blue or green i think the black lower skirts suit it.
Depends on how much is invested into you motor already, maybe.
The cost of a kit/fit/spray you could get another one already done for you.


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That cars perfect as is, OEM all the way, Votex too indignant, for an older man, I`m 51, mines the same as that in Akoya, Leather and A/c perfect, raced a WOM car recently on Canvey, late nite when the OB wernt around, you should come and visit.

See you on the Dark Side.....



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Some colours need the black, but the black roof and pillars makes the red and grey look very nice. Only thing that lets some of these pictures down is the blacked out windows. NOOOOOOOOOO.


Latest update bit of evening work for Storm ! A fresh service oil and air filter ( what a pain that is ! ) and a new oil level sensor. Was supposed to have a fuel ⛽ filter as well but would not fit :( only a couple more days til hopefully EML off time !! Fingers crossed 🤞