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Would this work?

Yes though this one may be delivered sooner(and is cheaper).

A2 Louis

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I’m thinking of buying a set of fog lights of Pete but I was wondering how do you install them ?

Is there a thread on here showing how to install them ?

As it’s electrical I’d rather not touch it so if anyone in Leicester is willing to help me install them it’d be much appreciated and of course I’d give you a couple of quid for helping me out 😁

Thanks :)

A2 Louis

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Today I fitted the A2OC number plate holders to Doris :)

Please excuse Doris’s number plates I’m getting new ones this weekend :)




I had to push Doris out of the garage today as the immobilizer is not been fixed yet and it reminded me how light these little beauties are

P stamp

Good news everyone I've asked Tom @timmus to come and fit my new fog lights 😁 👍

I can’t wait :p
Good news louis.......Tom is your man,he has done loads of work on my car,and i would totally recommend him.Get the immobilizer problem sorted at the same time
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A2 Louis

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Just to add to the above 👆

I’ve just ordered new gearbox oil for Doris it only cost £18 for two 1 litre bottles from Audi 😀

This weekend I’ll be changing the oil as long as it stays nice outside :)🤞

I’ll take some pictures of the oil what comes out of the gearbox I only can imagine it’s jet black after 85k :)

When Boris had he’s new clutch fitted he Had new gearbox oil put in and the gear change was so smooth 😁


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My same set of peddle covers arrived today from Ali express as well today
Let me know how fitting goes
The oil will not be black as no combustion takes place on the gearbox
It will be yellowish / white and creamy colour depending on how much water is in the oil

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A2 Louis

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A small update on Doris everyone today Tom @2work come round my house and set up 2 new keys to Doris :)

Once again Tom thank you so much for helping me out and was very nice meeting you :)

Also don’t forget Tom I’ll do a gearbox oil change for free just to say thank you I’ll of course use gearbox oil from Audi :)

Here is the key now everyone :)


Tomorrow’s job is Changing the gearbox oil :)

A2 Louis

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Today i replaced the gearbox oil on Doris and I fitted my new TT pedals :)

I also received my new fog light kit from Pete @P stamp :)

I have to say the gearbox oil was fairly easy to do it’s just hard when you have OCD with cars like me lol 🤣

The old oil was filthy she is only on 85k :)

Old dirty oil



Clean oil :)


Then my new fog lights 😁


Then I fitted my new TT pedals :)


I’m going to change the gearbox oil again in the next 5 months but I’m going to take her to a VW/Audi specialist so it saves me cutting my hands up and also getting drenched in oil lol 😅