A2 Louis

Hi all I couldn’t help my self this morning but I’ve brought another FSI ???

She has from factory



OSS (Broken)


The best thing about her is she’s a FSI ?

The question is what should we call her yes this one is gonna be Boris’s sister so it has to be a girl?

Call me nuts?

Unfortunately I’m only aloud 2 A2’s until I get my storage unit as I take too much room up on the drive apparently ?

So this means everyone squeak has to go :(


She’s been sitting since August So she’s developed some problems :(

This has been my Dream A2 and now I’ve finally found it !!!!:);):p

The only thing she is missing is cruise control;)
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Once you've given it the once over i'm sure it will look great.

Names,..........Na.............1.6fsi is her name. You can diferentiate using the colour. ;)

Oh and they're always a she - must be obeyed and treated well! ?
This thread now belongs to @A2Steve as I have now brought Audrey a different FSI And unfortunately I couldn’t buy both as there was not enough room :(
I forgot to say Steve is obviously the new owner of Project.....

What you naming her/him Steve ?

Call me nuts but I name every A2 I own :)
I have indeed taken this project on.

It has the potential to be a very nice example. Fantastic spec but currently running down on power (shocker).

It’s only got one fault code logged of Knock sensor, so that’s pretty darn good for an FSI I think.

I’ve messaged Proboost in Germany about getting the remap that gets rid of the flap function, and if I can get the car to a point when the car has no fault codes logged I’ll have the remap done.

An additional positive when the car turned up was the addition of a GDW towbar. I have no use for this and so the sale of the towbar should help to cover any repairs that need doing.

Could I potentially be changing from a TDi 90 to an FSI? Time will tell but it’s looking that way.
Very nice - stick some matching red mirrors on it and call it a day?

.. let’s see what magic Steve can bring to the FSI club..