Has anyone ever found Audi TSB's (technical service bulletin's) for the A2 through the life of the cars...........
I've seen some mentioned in a couple of websites...….one mention of 1.6FSi thermostat issues, roll bar issues with the stops on the bars splitting requiring complete roll bar replacement.......
More interesting though is a mention on a VW site of 1.6FSi ecu's being reprogrammed to remove stratified operation by the factory.....has anyone ever heard of this and if so was it a service operation or a recall...or an urban


it is not an urban myth. It has been done elsewhere. Feel free to read the threads about ProBoost's reprogramming to remove it cleanly.

Others I can think of right now: the starter contact cover. The newer ARBs just have a welded collar to stop the bushes wandering.

- Bret
Most vehicle recalls are for urgent safety related items and are required by law.....TSB's are more of an internal service update and product improvement item, they don't get released outside of the dealer network and are usually only applied to cars that go to the dealers for service...….so many cars get left out of the program as owners are not tied to dealer servicing.........its always handy to know what improvements/updates could be applicable to our cars, if only to make life easier and perhaps overcome faults.