Red A2/ dvd player


Hi. I’ve just purchased another A2 which is in red. Is it true that these are supposed to be rare in red. Also it has a factory fitted DVD player in the rear of the roof lining Anyone seen one before?


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Roof lining? Not seen one there , the six disk gets fitted into a more thickened right boot side trim and the navigation dvd in the slot next to the car battery.
Various reds, some rarer than others. Need the paint code for the colour.



Admin Team
Never seen one there before either, but it does look well designed and fitted - thought has obviously gone into it to include the rear courtesy lights.


Doubt the roof mounted dvd player is factory fit . I used to install a lot of these roof monitors years ago. The company I worked for did many jobs for car dealerships - Audi, Porsche, BMW, Land rover . Will be aftermarket . They've used the original interior light location to probably run the wiring through . Saves cutting the headlining if it ever needed to be removed .