Replace lamps in high level rear brake light


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I notice (now that I'm driving the A2) that the strip of lamps in the high level rear brake light are not working.
How to I access these to replace them and what are the lamp type?

I assume they are not LED's because of the age of the car/absence of LED's elsewhere and the typical life expectancy of LED being much higher than that of an incandescent lamp.

I'm hoping itll be a straightforward and satisfying fix.



they are LEDs, so not replaceable per se. I would look at the wiring, for which you'll have to take the inner tailgate cover off.


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You can pick up used ones very cheap if the unit itself has failed, although as they’re LEDs that would be unusual


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No other brake light failure? An OEM brake light switch would be a wise purchase in case you also need to swap the switch. Any dash warning lights such as the glow plug warning light on or flashing?

If all OK replace the third or high level brake light led assembly.
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It's 5 or 6 of the LEDs have failed
Just for info:
LED-s are usually connected in series, if one fails then that strip fails. 12V and red color can mean there is up to 5 LED-s in series.
But LED-s rarely fail indeed. Usually there is some water involved and corrosion destroys connections etc. Have replaced LED-s in both of my front DRL-s and just yesterday repaired rear LED light on a friends X5 (had 4 LED-s in series). Badly corroded of course, LED-s itself were working. Had to resolder stuff etc. So they are usually fixable if they can be taken apart, BMW was smart enough to glue it all together so there would not be any access for repair (but left large holes for moisture access).

But on an A2, finding working used light is cheaper than to find someone with tools and skills to fix them.