Scottish Holiday Social - 24 to 28 May 2019

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Event date: Friday 2019-05-24
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Darren C Darren C 4 Cheers M, really looking forward to this.
murdo murdo 4  
Special edition Special edition 2  
A2Steve A2Steve 4 Probably 2 A2's for us
Vorsprung durch Technik Vorsprung durch Technik 3  
damadgeruk damadgeruk 4  
Proghound Proghound 3 Daughter confirmed!
Teresa Teresa 2  
timmus timmus 2 (2 to 4 people, 1 or 2 A2s)
A2Sam A2Sam 1 (4 but already accounted for above)
Jellybean Jellybean 2 Sounds great and I see dogs can be accommodated. Would like to bring our girl along?
wills wills 2  
SheilaJohn SheilaJohn 2 Is there any space on this event if we can make it?
A alanb 1  
Seb_Gurkyh Seb_Gurkyh 1  
richard- richard- 1  
T tdiquattro 1  
D dougster 2  
cheechy cheechy 1 back in again :)
Al2coholic Al2coholic 1 roughing it in tent


Admin Team
Spaces still available if you can join us on what stands to be a really enjoyable jaunt. Weather should be good, as the sun shone on us even on the Welsh Tour this year!
C'mon swell the ranks?

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Admin Team
I've been promising myself a drive up the west coast of Scotland since going there by rail in my late teens and seeing how stunning it was. This social is the most perfect opportunity for me to make good on that :)

Why not tick this item off your bucket list too? (even if it's not already on there). Please do come and join us. The setting will be amazing, the company the best you could ask for, and you know you're going to enjoy the transport ;)

Darren C

Admin Team
Really looking forward to this. The efforts Murdo has undergone to assure a well-organised trip in such idyllic surroundings deserves serious recognition. Fastidious attention to detail which richly deserves the weather to bestow us with kindness. Either way, it will be a superb trip - possibly for some - a once in a lifetime trip. A2s and A2 family and wonderful scenery = nothing better.


Admin Team
It was nice to meet up with several of the attendees for this trip at the Stanford Hall show yesterday, we were all saying how exciting it's getting with only three weeks to go now 😃

We are sooooo looking forward to this! There's just so much beautiful Scotland that we want to see, we're now going to make a whole week of it. I managed to find a reasonably priced hotel room in Inverness for the Tuesday and Wednesday nights so we can get to see Loch Ness, drive through the Cairngorms, and maybe even a bit further North. The Premier Inn Carlisle M6 J44 is about halfway home from Inverness for the Thursday night.


Admin Team
Hello folks. Not long now till our holiday. We have 19 x A2 booked up for the adventure and a total of 40 people. Still 4 places available in the weekend accommodation if anyone else is tempted by the breathtaking scenery, brilliant driving roads and fraternal A2oc company.

We have exclusive use of a boutique bunkhouse for the Skye weekend and there's a pizza night courtesy of damadgerUK with his wood burning pizza oven and there's a club meal with Teresa and her cook squad in the kitchen. There's even highland dancers kicking off a ceilidh night for us. All we need now is the weather to be kind!!

Lots of photos guaranteed so the club can enjoy a flavour of the trip. Richard- is bringing a drone so looking forward to those shots especially.
Can't wait to see the bemused looks when a procession of A2s rock up to the Mallaig ferry on the Saturday morning.


Hey folks, I can't make this unfortunately but I wondered what the intended route is for folks heading to Fort William on Friday? If there is a mini convoy passing through the Stirling area (that would be your route if you head via Doune and Callander) I'll try to hook up with you guys and convoy along for a short stretch perhaps from the Keir roundabout over the Hill o' Rue to Doune?