Second Earth / Replacement earth


So I'm looking to try the usual 'check the starter motor earth' and would like to just straight up replace it.

So I was wondering what part number it would be, or 'go to ebay and spec an earth cable' being the more likely.

What spec would that be that I request? Length, cross section and sized holes do i need? Hoping someone has done a previous order. (it's an FSI so don't know if that makes a difference?)




it's a finger-thick cable. There's no point in replacing it, most of the problem is the hole behind the headlight and the corrosion of such. I have mine out at the moment - 2002 car - and the cable is fine. The shoe is slightly crusty, but some light sandpaper and then again on the bodywork should see it good. I'll then coat it in some vaseline / battery pole grease or so to protect it better from the elements.

If you really want to DIY it, it's an M8 into the crossmember, a similar size on the starter end, and i'd spec 20-25mm2. However, I would also double-check the angles at both ends on your car - BAD is different to AUA. The Starter side appears to be a 90 degree connector. Your part number is 8Z0971237L, price around €25. At which point, DIY is a bit pointless unless you have hydraulic crimps lying around and gold-plated connectors.

- Bret


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Several of us have ran a second earth lead on our cars. We have bolted one end to the engine block on the timing belt end and connected the other end to the chassis in the right wing area ( engine mount and brake reservoir support being two examples ). Go to a motor factors or at a push halfrauds where you will find one of suitable length.