Semi-serious idea for merchandise


Given the A2’s early image as an architect’s car, surely the club should be offering black roll-neck sweaters (in a Steve Jobs stylee), embroidered with black thread on a black background. These polo shirts are a bit multi-chrome. Just a passing thought.


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I thought you had to drive a Saab to be an architect at that time.........

Black on black is certainly subtle!
I’ve had a couple of old Saab’s great reliable cars when I worked in Sweden I had an old 99 with a canoe strapped on the roof loved it ..but I never wore a polo neck but I did wear an old helly Hansen fleece ...?..when I left Sweden I drove away in a brand new Saab 9000 as Sweden has one of the highest tax rates in the world on car tax I think at the time they loaded 180% .....I got tax free ? as I worked for Saab aircraft in linkoping
I always fancied the 900, I admit. Another understated modern classic. But the A2 is far, far better...
They did some great cars ahead of their time in there own way the 2 stroke was a flier ..did well in the early rally’s the other quick one was the water injected turbo ..the old Saab’s are a cheap classic ..but I have to agree the a2s are best ..I’ve just got our other new one up together they make a nice brace ? 1 36k and other 47k


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I had 2 900 turbos, great cars. I remember the boot was so big you could lie down in it. My favourite was my 16v coupe. Heated seats, full closure alarm the works. One of my favourite cars I have owned along with my A2. which is ironic as one was the size as a viking longboat and the A2 obviously a little smaller...


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The 94s/96s also had free-wheeling hubs which were a very useful fuel saving device.

If I remember the early 90 turbos had horrendous turbo lag though, which made them interesting when overtaking. I don't know if they improved over time. Still a great car though. Unfortunately most of them will be rust nowadays. :(


I had an uncle who, in the 70s, had a fleet of SAAB 96s on his driveway - such a futuristic design, as a small kid I used to marvel at the whole design.

As Paul says, Erik Carlsson did amazing stuff in the 96s on rallies, he was nicknamed 'Carlsson on the roof' because I believe he once got a rally car on its roof.
He was also the godfather of left-foot braking which enabled him to carry huge speed through corners (those old two-stroke SAAB's weren't very powerful). He was also married to Pat Moss who was Sterling's sister.

Sorry for the thread-swerve...

A2's rock! ?
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To show my age still further....
Saab 99 Turbo product placement in the video for ‘Don’t you want me Baby’ by the Human League!!!

Special edition

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A Rover Sd1 featured in the video...hideous rust buckets with square steering wheels ?
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ScottLee I am sure someone will come on here and confirm that they have indeed got a Viking longboat in the back of an A2 - possibly by taking the front seat out :)