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This is funny!
New here , and you talk about Saab:s!!!
I am 60, and have had 43 cars, among them 4 Saab:s.
I know, that in GB as well as in Germany, a Saab in the 1970ths , was a special car - especially when the turbos came...
In Sweden it was a " Normal " car, and you bought it, not to be as boring as your neighbor who bought a Volvo...


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Afternoon All,

I remember playing with Saab 900 Turbos. Fun cars to tinker with.

Here's a few shots of my Carlsson I sold over a decade ago:

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I used to have a Saab 99 turbo 2 door in red. One of the best cars I've had. That turbo lag though. Went to a 900 turbo next.
I had 2 900 turbos, great cars. I remember the boot was so big you could lie down in it. My favourite was my 16v coupe. Heated seats, full closure alarm the works. One of my favourite cars I have owned along with my A2. which is ironic as one was the size as a viking longboat and the A2 obviously a little smaller...
I had 3 in the end, and early 900 Turbo 3 door, a 16S 2 door and another 3 door. I went to by a fridge freezer and the guy asked if I wanted it delivered, I said Nah, I've got the car outside........ ?


Not A Viking boat, But 1982 Windsurfing Hawaii, 280 cm, Race Slalom Board; "A Fishfinger"...……………


My DAD, had a 1949, last of the Cornish Fishing Boats, SS something or other, I broke my back trying to restore it...…...before he dies he said, "Put me on it, cover in Petrol, tie the wheel, for the horizon, and light with a box of matches...………


I’ve had a couple of old Saab’s great reliable cars when I worked in Sweden I had an old 99 with a canoe strapped on the roof loved it ..but I never wore a polo neck but I did wear an old helly Hansen fleece ...?..when I left Sweden I drove away in a brand new Saab 9000 as Sweden has one of the highest tax rates in the world on car tax I think at the time they loaded 180% .....I got tax free ? as I worked for Saab aircraft in linkoping
I am on at least 5 340's everyday the S20 not so much.
proven horses in all weathers


Both my Saabs sadly gone now (my black one started going rusty at the arches). Not like the original Saabs that my Dad had in the 80s.

And I'm a Software Architect... does that count :)