Social in Wales 7th April Brecon Beacons

Would you like to attend a Welsh driving Social in April

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All this beautiful weather at present has got me thinking. It really would be a shame not to run a Welsh Social this year.

Obviously we've got the big 20 year bash in Scotland as well as the great shows organised by Mike and Yvonne, so this would just be a little jolly around south/mid Wales for a few hours with a spot of lunch thrown into the mix.

Please could I just have a show of hands with the poll above whether there is demand for it.

It would be on 2 conditions,

1. That everything is still going ok with Sams health in the pregnancy and

2. That there is decent weather forecast for the specified date.

I run 2 events last year, the one with decent weather was great and enjoyable, the second with the downpours of rain was less so. Hence the only real way to see the Welsh countryside is on a nice day.

Over to you guys.


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Just so that everyone has an idea of the itinerary:

- We’ll meet at B&Q Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1HY for a 10 to 10:15 start

- Then travel via the Abercynafon reservoirs to LLangorse Lake

- If the flood waters have subsided then we’ll get chance to have a walk around the lake and take in the sites, if not then we just get to have a tea/coffee at their coffee shop.

- We will then head off to the B4560 Mountain Road via Llangynidr where we will make a stop off at the top of the mountain to take in the views.

- Then we are heading back to Merthyr Tydfil to the Oriental Chinese Buffett for our lunch at around 1pm.

- After lunch @stevec will be offering a run up to the famous Penderyn Whiskey Distillery. Even if you are not a drinker, it’s worth the run up because it cuts through a nice area of the Brecon Beacons.

- After this, it’s time to head home after you’ve hopefully had a nice day. For those planning their return journey, the postcode for the distillery is CF44 0SX
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I had a great time on the event in August, rain or not - thank you so much for putting it together. I'd certainly be up for another one, possibly with Lynette & daughter included.


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Not so sure Steve, as likely to have a coupla weeks away over easter.
Good luck with the Welsh Monsoon weather!

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Do you have some possible dates and route in mind?

Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th perhaps because its the start of year curry night the weekend after and also then getting close to the 'BIG ONE' in Scotland.

No route yet, but we've done most of the suitable roads in mid wales so will be a combination of them.


Look forward to it we stop for lunch somewhere to make a nice day of it ..

Yes that would be the plan. We did a full day driving in August and it was a little bit too much so this would only be 3 hours driving at most with some nice breaks inbetween.


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A Welsh social is on my list though will not manage this one. Hope the weather is good to you, I'll be skiing in Spain with the kids, having delivered the Mrs to the beach first.?


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I’ll be up for either day Steve, looking forward to it! (hopefully)

And just to prove it doesn’t always rain in Wales, well all not all day at anyway, here’s a photo from last August’s little jaunty.