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Hi all,

Long time I've posted anything and usually when I do just ask for help. Time for a little give back kinda thing.
Couldn't find anything similar here so just an idea if anyone really bored at work (because why would you be bored at home) you can explore Google Map and try to find any A2 on the road.

Not easy but not that very hard either to be honest.. you can come across with some A2 if you really watching your screen.

The rules are simple. If you find an A2 on Google Maps just take a screenshot with the approx location. (No house number, exact streets etc..)
Let's see how many A2 we can find.

Found this one in Durham.

Durham A2 2.jpg
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Unfortunately the exact street is shown on the map as above. Great idea just need to manually blank out anything "sensitive"


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I once long ago saw an A2 on google streetview in Southampton and the driver was giving the V sign!
I only found this one as I know that this lovely colour A2 is always there in the next town to me. No idea who’s it is but doesn’t seem to move so much.

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Copy the URL and then paste into the posting on a new line. The forum software will then show a snapshot.

However, that will be a live link and when google update their streetview the picture will change. Also there maybe privacy concerns as well as people can see the location.

Alternatively take a screen snap shot:

On Windows press Ctrl+Print Screen (it's top right)
Open your favourite photo viewing software* and Edit/Paste
You can then crop and blank out unwanted bits
Save and note file name and folder
In the forum posting click Attach files and select the saved file
Once loaded, select Insert Thumbnail or Full Image
If you select Full Image you can then click on the image and resize using the handles in the corners.

* or use Windows Paint


But what if you're bored at work and working from home, a common conundrum at the moment I would expect...