St Albans Collection Help


Hi all,

I'm buying the 16" wheels /tyres that Hedge offered for sale recently but am struggling atm to get down to St Albans (AL1 postcode) to collect them as soon as Hedge would like due to his limited storage space and I just wondered whether there was a member in that area (or passing by) either planning a trip anywhere north (I'm north of B'ham in Sutton Coldfield B74) where we could possibly meet up or failing that if someone could store them safely until I can collect?
I'm happy to pay any expenses, fuel/time etc incurred.
Wheels will also have been paid for so nothing financial to sort.

Thanks very much 👍


Just want to say a huge thank you to Chris aka 'Beagles' for his incredible generosity in collecting the wheels for me from Hedge whilst visiting family in the area early next week.

I am humbled and very grateful.

Thank you again Chris 👍