Stanford hall VW show Sunday 5th May-A2oc club stand

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Event date: Sunday 2019-05-05
Registration ends: Friday 2019-05-03
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a2sumo a2sumo 1  
Special edition Special edition 2 Looking forward to this.
A2 Louis A2 Louis 2  
Vonnie Vonnie 1  
Proghound Proghound 1 Just me so far, Lynette & daughter TBC
Muska Muska 2 Probably me and the wife :)
QuatroA2 QuatroA2 2 Great show last year. Will be bringing at leat one young VW/ Audi enthusiat with me this year. Thank you!with me.
RZX RZX 2 Maybe 2 cars if there is room
den's a2 den's a2 2 Provisionally car might not be ready in time!
Cameron Waters Cameron Waters 1 ND53WTC - Dolphin Grey A2 TDI Sport with Votex
Teresa Teresa 1 Sorry - bit later to the party as was trying to work out how to fit in the trip with my birthday celebrations. I can see people bringing several cars so understand if you cant fit me in
Mustang-owner Mustang-owner 2 Glyn and myself will be attending
O07JESTER O07JESTER 1 I'm available if you need me?
wills wills 2 Both of us will be there
chumsofmanutd chumsofmanutd 1  
SheilaJohn SheilaJohn 2 We're looking forward to seeing you all! We have a wheelchair called "Gladys" in the back of "Barry" the A2. John has reduced mobility at the moment... XXX


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A2 Louis

Nice meeting you all it was a lovely day out I want to give a big thanks to @a2sumo and @Vonnie for arranging it also a thanks to Jeremy as I’m sure he had a part in arranging this great meet-up :)

It was that good Mabel didn’t want to leave she struggled to start πŸ˜…


Hope all of you have had a safe drive home :)
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That was a nice day out, lovely to see everyone again and to meet new friends. The circular convoy through Crick was fun :D Thank you to @a2sumo, @Vonnie, @sciroccorrado and anyone else who had a hand in organising the event and our club's attendance at it.

A few of my shots - the A2's ...
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... and Lynette's dream project.
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Good to see you have changed your profile picture, Nice to meet you both, maybe see you in Scotland. we are still trying to work out if we can fit it in if there are still spaces.

Darren C

Admin Team
Great photos, I'll upload some of mine once I've had an opportunity to download them from my camera.

Another great show and great to see so many A2s together and to put some faces to names, as well as see regulars/friends. I was somewhat of a traitor today, being without my A2, and on another stand and I'm sorry that I didn't get to spend time with everybody.

I hope you all had a great time in spite of the colder weather and I look forward to catching up with you again soon, with A2.

All the best to all.


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Great pictures so far :)

Alicia and I had a great day, everyone we spoke with it was a pleasure to meet you and if I didn't get chance this time, hopefully at the next one :)

Some highlights from us:
The convoy - it's so nice to see A2's as far as you can see Infront and behind & people's reactions when we go past πŸ˜€
Listening to people walking around our club stand - People's knowledge of the A2, recognising that Rob's car must be from WOM automotive due to the number plate, commenting that they're a future classic, general nice comments and one chap even asking how to join the club as his wife has a Red Colour Storm πŸ˜€
The Golf Rallye in the concourse section 😍

Thanks Mike & Yvonne for organising!


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Well we are finally home after a fab weekend (monday 15.00) yvonne and i would just to thank all those that came and made the event a great fun day- i have said it many times but without you coming we would not have a buoyant social scene.
Great to meet some new faces and also some regular faces and cars.
In my first few years of attending and then organising socials i was desperate to see a colour storm at a social and had to wait a few years until i managed to see one at an Audi driver international show at castle combe. Then i stumbled across the yellow colour storm that has become my pride and joy.

Yesterdays show we had 20 cars on the club stand with two silver storms three red and my yellow storm-this i think is a record for the club. May be one day we can get all the colours in one event ! So all you storm owners why not join us at aitp this year?
Thanks all to all that took some images of the day and also for going the grand tour of crick (three laps in total until i stoped following signs and the sat nav!) A social wouldn't be the same without a mikes magical mystery tour lol

Thanks to Neil Birkitt for the image from the roof of Stanford hall.
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Thanks to Mike (and Jeremy), for organising another fabulous social. As Louis mentioned, Mabel had such a good time, she didnt want to go home! (I think I flooded her to be honest as did the same today, but she was fine starting without my foot pumping the accelerator- possibly it was something I'd had to do before I had the inlet manifold done and forget not to do sometimes now).
I'll try and put some pics up (not my strong point!).
Lovely tonsee everyone and apologies to people I didnt get to speak to. There was so much to look at that I didnt come back to the car much


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Had a great time at Stanford Hall yesterday, saw a lot of nice A2's, my favourite was the red colour storm in the concours. What was yours?


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Just a few of the ones I took from the weekend.

As to thanks, I (on behalf of SH committee) want to say a big THANK YOU to all who attended and showed their cars, or even just attended even if you didn't put you car on the stand. I haven't totted up the totals yet, but I believe there were nearly 600 cars in the club display area.