Steering rack leak


Hi. Can anyone tell me which is the best way to go please. My steering rack has a severe leak so was wondering if anyone has one to sell also best to buy new or 2nd hand. I’d imagine most 2nd hand ones have been to the moon and back.


I would definitely recommend new if you possibly can. when I last looked at them about 3 years ago they were around £250, but if they are still available is another matter - maybe @CreweAudi could give you an idea on availability of new racks. There are currently deals to be had on the usual auction site and with 20% off you can pick up a refurbished rack for £100. Fitting from (hazy!) memory was around 3 hours labour.

I never found out if the boots could be replaced, as that is where my leak was. I had conflicting advice so never got a confirmed answer on that. Polo rack not compatible as per this thread.

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