Stoke Audi Parts


Should Stoke Audi always be my default first choice because they will best price?

Question to anyone who can answer this. Am I correct in thinking that for most/all Audi A2 parts, Stoke Audi are going to be cheaper than my local Audi dealer in Nottingham? I realise that P&P needs to be taken into account but in general, will I find Stoke Audi cheaper than main dealers' over the counter prices?


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It depends what parts you want. Service parts you can get cheaper elsewhere, body parts/specific audi parts are pretty much the same price dealer to dealer. Except that stoke have a website where you can order some things online. I have used them a couple of times in the past


You can normally haggle a discount at the dealers but usually a low discount like 5-10% off on parts. Stoke Audi deliver, whereas Sytner in Nottingham prefer you to pay in full first then collect when parts come into stock. Oh and there's also TPS for OEM parts too.


Are TPS parts suppliers for all VAG group vehicles exclusively?
Yes, VAG only.

TPS is trade only. They are generally cheaper than main dealers and surprisingly not all TPS outlets have the same pricing structure across all their branches.



Just a suggestion but it may be worth the club as a whole looking into opening a trade Cash Only account with TPS , that way all members could get a huge discount on all there Genuine OEM parts from Trade Parts Service as it is who supplies all the Audi dealers and i imagine all the members of the A2OC spend alot of pennys over each year on Genuine parts.



my local VDUB club has a trade account with TPS so it can be done , im not sure of how its done, and to be a nationwide account cash only sales but seems worth looking into