Storm seats


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For my info only.
Did the storm models ever come with leather two tone seats rather than the cloth versions?


I have some seats in mine that i think come out of a storm originally.. story has it the previous owner of my car (friend) worked for Warrington Audi and a red tdi colour storm with 30k on the close was traded in under the scrappage scheme... he asked if he could swap the trim out of the storm before it was scrapped... must of been custom made

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I thought I remembered seeing orange Storm cloth and leather outer parts somewhere.

And some googling reveals this:

Descriptions by the owner elsewhere suggest (to me!) that this may have been one of the Factory cars that went on the "Colour.Storm Tour" to places like Ischgl to promote the then new Colour.Storm trim.
As can be seen this one also features orange armrests while orange headliner is mentioned elsewhere.
Presumably, neither of these ever made it into actual production models.

Not sure if I misremember that Storms were not available as "Sport" Models in the UK but in other markets a Storm could also be specced with S Line Plus so you could've had a Silver Storm with dark grey Cloth ("Speed") and Leather I suppose.

The red and black leather above is very likely custom made as factory leather seats all have smaller individual leather elements than cloth seats this looks to based on.