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Having a bit of a problem with my A2 this week it's a 2002 1.4 SE petrol and over a few weeks it became difficult to start. Then it took about 10-15 to start. Then once I got it started it dropped down before cutting out and required several revs of the throttle to keep it going. This was disagnosed as a coolant temperature sensor and once replaced it started on the button. The diagnostic test also threw up a fault for an EGR.

Then l took it out last week and it drove about 5 miles with no problem or lights on the cluster. Then when I came out of the supermarket to start it up it went lumpy and died as soon as I put it in gear and took my foot on the throttle, when it was running it sounded and smelt like it was running rich . The dashboard had several lights, the EPC,ABS plus the engine management light and on the digital display the Engine Fault detection light.

I have AA membership so their mechanic turned up and did a test, said the engine was running fine one minute, then lumpy the next. He said he thought there might be air getting in somewhere he sent me the diagnostic test and towed it to my local garage. This is the readout from the AA diagnostic attached

So the car was looked at and a new manifold ordered from Audi, this was fitted to the car and the mechanic took it out for a spin on two consecutive days and both times the car started perfectly and drove fine for a few miles before beginning it's lumpy routine and struggling to get past 5mph. The mechanic seems to think it might need an ECU but I'm stumped. The car appears to drive ok and then it's almost like when it gets up to temperature it just drops and won't accelerate past 1st gear/5mph

From reading I've come across everything from camshaft sensor to something connected to the EGR but to be honest I've no idea and the experienced mechanic doesn't seem to have found a solution either. It seems from reading that an ECU fault is unusual as surely if it wouldn't drive right from start up if it was the ECU.

I'm tempted to get an EGR valve and ECU fitted and wondering is an ECU just plug and play or does it require reprogramming with the immobiliser and key

Any help greatly appreciated



Hello, sorry to hear you are having car troubles.

The first error code is induction manifold pressure sensor (MAP sensor) which is number 6 in the Intake manifold diagram link below.

Thought you may like a wiki on how to clean one, MAP Sensor cleaning

... air can seep into the engine from a lot of places.

These diagrams helped me to check my engine intake and vac system

Number 19 oil separator and tubing
number 7 fuel pressure regulator and hoses
Intake manifold and associated parts
Brake vacuum hose to master cylinder
Fuel pressure regulator and hoses

Methodically check and replaced tatty hoses, jubilee clips. Consider your injector seals, egr valve and oxygen sensors.

You could unplug your EGR valve temporarily to see if that is the culprit. (Number 13 in the Intake manifold diagram)

All the best
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