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Howdy Folks

I am new to the A2 seen and wondered if you knowlegable bods could help me

Car came with one key so got a replacement from a chap i know from ebay supplies blades from a picture

Anyway when doing a pin read for immoboliser it others choice of instruments or engine. Instruments returns pin 58146 and engine returns pin 05034. I know you usually drop the first digit when a 5 digit code so gather if either is reliable it would be the pin from the engine so 5034. Was hoping the A2 would have a "emergency start function" so i could test the pin without fear of finding out the pin was wrong having deleted all known keys during the key coding procedure but the "ESF" dose not appear to opperate like on similar vintage vags??

The other option is to turn the immo system off with Super Vag but concerned that might have consequences and unable to find anyone who was done it??

Could anyone shed any light?

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Morning Howey,

When I’ve used VAG Commander 1.4 in the past (it’s been a few months since I last done this procedure so could be a little rusty) to extract the SKC I choose the top option:

1. Instrument Cluster VDO066,VDO086 Momometer
2. Click on read
3. The 4 digit code appears on the login field
4. Add a 0 (zero) to the beginning of said 4 digit code when using VCDS to programme the immobiliser transponder chip.

There is an extensive guide within the How To section should you run into problems.

I’m unable to offer any advice regards shutting the immobiliser system off as it’s something I’ve never tried and probably wouldn’t attempt to do as it could have implications with insurance should something unfortunate happen.

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You have to enter immo code first at VCDS, before it would allow you to do immo chip programming. So without right code you cannot have access to the module. If you enter a wrong number you have to restart VCDS.


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I is vag commander 1.4 on BBC a very regular basis to establish the SKC
Run vag commander
Bottom RH corner drop down select K line
Then select engine control unit
On next screen select read button

Wait about 20 seconds and the screen will refresh and display km that the ecu as logged and the SKC. You need to add a 0 to the number. Eg vag commander states 1234. So the skc is 01234

Never failed me
Cheers. Paul

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Thanks everyone!!

Good to know the SKC can be from the engine ecu as one chap i spoke to said he highly doubted it!