Symphony 2 CD changer replacement..

Hello everyone,

I have an original Symphony 2 in my 2004 1.6 which is an 8Z0 035 195 E. After many unsuccessful attempts to "repair" the integrated 6 cd changer, I've given up and need to replace it. The rest of the unit works fine.

Is it possible to replace the whole unit with a 4B0 057 195 HX from an Audi A6? I have VCDS so could recode it if necessary.

Or could I remove the cd changer from any functional Symphony 2 and refit it to my original unit?

There are many Symphony 2 available but with a range of part numbers. Could they be coded to work?

Thanks for your help with this.




I think that A6 unit would be ok but for more options check out the p/nos listed in the header of this article -
If you prefer not to cut the fascia plate to size I think your A2 one could be swapped over

I was surprised to find optional part nos listed for the A2 - 8Z0 057 195E and 8Z0 035 195E so anything with those base part nos within the full p/n should be fine
ie (057 195) or (035 195)

Cheers Spike
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