TDI 90 ATL Turbo - auxiliary parts required?


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Oil return line arrived from germany. £40.

Return line


Is it worth changing the connecting pipe 8Z0 145 828 E? Prices on these seem to vary widely depending on whether you go oem, 3rd party or high quality replacement ie vaico
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I'd love to mate I just fear for the additional work required to get the rest of the internals to match the increased bhp and torque
the kkk bv39 ur sticking in is known to have week seals and the journal bearing doenst hold up well to a remap.. its a tiny turbo. iv been thourgh a few.

the garette gt1749v is a similar size to your bv39 sharing all the same mounting flanges and the same turbine wheel but its more robust using a slightly larger frame and can handle more boost its pretty much a like for like swap these turbos are plenty and can be found on ebay for 50 quid.
ud use an amf manifold and a gt1749v from a pd115 or pd140 passat the downpipe just mounts up and use use your old oil lines
and u would run the same atl ecu mapped or not.

the gt1749va has a slihgtly larger comp wheel....its good for 10bhp more then this so would never be stressing your internals

i know ur not gona do this but just supplying info for future refrence

the ideal turbo for the atl though is the gtd1244vz a very common new turbo with state of the art 5th gen vnt technology. can take much higher egts aswell as pump put crazy boost down low and up top.
would love to use this turbo on a 1.2 any enigne. full boost (2bar) by 1800rpms and usuable boost from 1500rpms
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Good info thanks @enzo, is the gtd1244vz, same fitment as gt1749v? just use an amf manifold, old oil lines and same ecu on an atl. Have you fitted one? Any problems to overcome? Cheers


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Thanks for sharing...looks like the 1749 is / was used by bmw in the e46, as well as a few others.

Given my limited knowledge I went for the straight swap option (as you'd already guessed).

Saying that nothing has been done yet and wont fir some time. The work had been planned in for this weekend.

Any slight mods required with the 1749?
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