TDI BHC engine rattle when cold


I’m beginning to think keep a look out for a low ish mileage BHC engine to stick in the garage and just run it, we only do about 6k miles a year, could last another few years, could last another few days!, £924 is a big spend on a car thats only worth about £1500, I really like my A2 and it’s in great condition but you have to be realistic.

Interesting thoughts; I carried out some research over a few years as to whether or not to get this job done.

The reason why I did not go down the 2nd hand Engine route is down to the unknown history and mileage of the unit as well as low mileage not always being a guarantee the Chain and Tensioners are going to last...

Seems an awfully big gamble on what is quite an expensive job!

Just my thoughts of course! 👍 👍 👍


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Change it if you want to enjoy it as long as possible.

My ATL was sounding good without any rattle of chain (which, according to a specialist, should be more audible when the engine is warm/hot....).
Still I wanted to replace, I have to many sleepless nights, one less is better 😋, and I had some spare time.......
I'm glad I did replace the chain, gear wheels and tensioner, it was very close to grind away the engine casing.

Pictures ; scroll down in the link and to next page, Dutch diary on the where abouts of an ATL.



My anxiety will probably probably win the battle with my wallet and I'll end up going for the replacement chain. Looking through other threads people have said that the engine can move around a lot in the bay and that this issue is resolved with a replacement chain and tensioner


After sleeping on this and getting a very reasonable quotation from a local garage I have used for years the car is booked in for next Wednesday, that’s all for your help and advise, much appreciated as always.