Tdi manual gearbox oil change.

Hi guys, where are the drain/refill plugs on the manual gearbox on the 1.4tdi? Perhaps I am being a bit thick here but not obvious. What spec oil too?


Use Genuine Audi Oil, 2ltr is all you need

Fill is front of gearbox - 17mm plug is required
Drain is under dogbone mounting securing plate - 17mm plug is again required (loosen the 3 bolts and you should see it)

Crack off both plugs to make sure you can full loosen before draining all the oil away.

Length of hose and funnel also helps to refill.

A very easy job if your already under the car.


I also reset the gear linkage whilst i was under the car, but this can be done above the car. All you need is a 5mm steel dowel / nail / punch pin / drill bit. But wrap some tape around the end to make sure it does not drop down into the selector housing.
I bought a 5mm brass dowel from ebay for £2 and heated it up to create a kink to ensure it was not going to drop through.

Great video on youtube as below.

Lock gearbox first, then open up selector springs, then pin the gearstick and tension selector springs, now unlock gearbox and in-pin gearstick = nice positive selection of gears