TDI120: My New Engine

Thank you so much Tom for taking the time to write such a detailed thread. By far the best thread I've read on the forum. The photos of the losely assembled system got my heart racing :)

With this work, you have filled a missing gap within the club. We've got looks, we've got handling, we've got braking but there has been no quantified power upgrades at this level to date. I know others have plans in development and I eagerly await those as well.

I think its safe to say that the remap you had is probably a little on the conservative with gearbox safety in mind and I would imagine the set-up could produce a lot more power.

There will undoubtedly be lots of questions asked by many but I would like to know

- is the intercooler going to be produced in any numbers for purchase by members
- who did the work to the turbo?

Thanks again Tom
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Amazing write up, I find it both informative and educational, totally agree with
Simon. One thing though, stands up for me: you said you'll keep it forever. That is exactly
My decision, but not with so much modification at the moment. However, you have set
A new long term goal for me and the bar is set so high, I doubt I could reach it, but one can always

Hats of to you Sir!


Agree with all of the above. One of the best threads on this forum . Well done Tom. I've a small insight into the love devotion and painstaking attention to detail that's gone into this project. Absolutely fantastic. And thanks for the acknowlement too. It was a pleasure sharing some of the journey with an occasionally doubting Timmus!!!!! Brilliant effort. Much kudos and respect for an amazing job. With so much A2OC sewn into the very fibre of this engine rebuild it's an all round good news story . Thanks for sharing.
Hi Tom
What a fantastic project and great write - up
It was a pleasure to play some small part in 'building the dream'

Hope the development work and 10K mile durability test is put to good use and you start offering hose kits and intercoolers (aftercoolers actually) to club members

Cheers Spike
Question tom after the changes to the turbo did you get the core rebalanced, also as you did my map you said the egr was now redundant can i remove the valve as you did and block the holes.

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Great work Tom and beautifully presented too. The length of that inlet tract is a bit of a horror show isn't it? The price Audi paid for having the turbo around the back of the engine, I guess.
Early adopter ...

... well, I like to think so anyway!

I went for blue ...


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This is top drawer stuff Tom.
A clear indication of not only your technical expertise but a clear demonstration that you GIVE to this fantastic forum without expecting anything in return.

THE best post on the forum and that is saying something.

Truly amazing.

Thank you Tom
Steve B
Great post, it shows what we all know on this forum, your OCDness is a truly remarkable gift. I'm as envious as your charge cooler pipes. Well done timmus.

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I've just spent a delighted hour reading this and learning. I thought I had some idea about how the engine worked but this is another level!

It looks amazing and I WANT IT! by instalments perhaps... going to be looking at those EGR blanking items for a start though (Spike! )

Fantastic! And Wow again for good measure!

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