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I'm wondering if anyone has used a Tentbox with an A2. I've come across the brand before but only seen one for the first time in the flesh on @timmus yeti at the social over the weekend.

Apparently the load limit for the A2 roof bars is 75KG and the Tentbox lite is 50KG so that works right? But what about the additional weight of people using the tent?

Well this is what Tentbox have to say:
It is common to wonder about the added weight of people inside your TentBox, and how this affects your roof load limit. In short, the roof load limit of your vehicle is for dynamic loads, i.e. when your vehicle is in motion. As people will only be inside your TentBox when your vehicle is stationary, the dynamic load limit is not a relevant figure. The steel frame of your vehicle, which the TentBox sits on, can take hundreds of kilograms of force, as it’s designed to roll in an accident.

So assuming the alu space frame is as strong at steel I'm positing in theory that the Tentbox can be used with an A2.

What do we think?

(Oh and do roof bars fit on an OSS A2?)

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Any car must be able to support its own weight on the roof, otherwise it would crush in a roll-over accident. The A2’s weight limit of 75kg only applies when the car is in motion.

The greatest issue with fitting a TentBox to the A2 is the location of the tailgate hinges. The whole TentBox needs to be mounted forwards of the hinges, otherwise the boot can’t be fully opened.


My TentBox Classic fits perfectly on the Yeti, but doesn’t work when fitted to the A2. I don’t know whether the TentBox Lite would work or not, and I never really looked into it, as the Lite version doesn’t suit my needs.

I absolutely love the thing. I can be in a comfortable bed within 45 seconds of pulling the handbrake.



So fitting the box to the A2 renders the tail gate unusable in which case all your stuff will need to be loaded and unloaded through the rear doors, correct,?


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So fitting the box to the A2 renders the tail gate unusable in which case all your stuff will need to be loaded and unloaded through the rear doors, correct,?
That’s correct, assuming you’re using the TentBox Classic. I don’t know about the Lite version.

The Lite version has two advantages…
1) It’s smaller when packed away, meaning it may fit on the A2’s roof and not stop the tailgate from opening.
2) The internal space is much larger than the Classic.

However, the Lite also has a number of disadvantages compared to the Classic…
1) It takes a lot longer to set up and pack away.
2) You can’t leave your bed set up, whereas the Classic has an integrated mattress and enough room when closed to leave all your pillows and blankets in situ.
3) If it rains overnight, you have to fold soaking tent fabric in on itself. You then need to set up the tent again to get the whole thing dry.
4) It’s less discrete, and you can’t quickly drop it down and drive away. The Classic allows you to overnight almost anywhere, whereas the Lite, once set up, has more of a ‘I’m here to stay’ look about it. For staying on campsites, the Lite is great, but for wild camping, the Classic is king. The thing is, if you’re staying on a campsite, why have a rooftop tent and immobilise your vehicle? A normal, ground-pitched tent would be better.


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Super interesting. Really good points about the rain.

I’d add on the pros of the Lite is that it creates a shaded canopy area that is useful in hot weather.

Aside from the dimensions issue on an A2 I guess you get what you pay for. Tent lite £995. Classic £1995.

Ha! Worth more than the car in some cases! Wonder it they are easily stolen.


I had saved this photo from facebook that is as near as you can get to a tentbox I guess