The quest for the highest mileage A2 and the 200K Club


My 2003 1.4TDI Sport - now over here in France with me has done 269,000 miles on the original engine - I am the first owner bar the saleman from Stockport Audi who I bought the car off when it had done 300 miles. It's got quite a few extra including Bose/Alcantara/6CD/no model badges - its been with me a while so will keep it going as long as possible !!!
Over 158000 on my FSI here... Will add picure in the morning
Also great to see an FSI dash w/out the EML on right
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Hey David,

A little way off yet, your old Beauty Akoya has 194000k and my other with the Votex has 156000k and my FSI has 109000k.

kp 115

A thread like this has been started before but obviously time has gone by so mileages would have increased.

I'll start the thread so that I can update the first post with the current 'winner'.

The only rules are that the car must still be on its original engine. Head work/injectors etc are fine but it must still be the original block and cylinder head.

Also, I know there would be no reason for anyone to lie but please can any claim be backed up by a photo of the speedo showing the mileage.

Current highest miler is:

Imola Yellow (TDI) at 555,555 (348,000 on original engine)

Current highest mileage on original engine

Weetank2 with 431k miles (TDI)

200k club members

- Bawhee 338460k
- Edwrai @ 328k TDI
- DUP @ 326k 1.2 TDI
- Steveb - 310k TDI
- Rich_ - TDI90 303k
- Hans 1.4 AUA 300k
- Depronman @ TDI 288k
- Luzt 1.2 TDI 271,691
- JWT TDI 269000
- iamlost666 - 266000k
- Trevorswaine @ 262008
- A2 3L @ 260k
- iamlost @259k TDI 75
- KP115 256k TDI
- 2work 1.4 BBY 256k
- Artsi_L 254k
- Leopard680 250k TDI
- Oko 250k TDI 90
- Miguel_E38 - 248600 TDI
- Sciroccorrado - TDI 242k
- captain059 240k 1.4 petrol
- Birchalls £300 TDI @ 230k
- Williamthewoodman 228k TDI 90
- Leosun76 228k
- Bye bye alfa @ 223k
- Evoman - 224500 TDI75
- FHL -222k
- 985J 219k TDI
- 2work - project 250 TDI BHC 217k
- ardeed – AUA 1.4 Petrol 215k
- jeff9640 - TDI 215k
- Vonnie TDI - 212+k
- Slumdog 212k 1.4 AUA
- vklexer - 210k
- den’s A2 1.4 BBY -210k
- neo- 208k
- Simufly 206k+ TDI
- Alistair.Bray.14 @ 206k+
- Mikemarsuk @ 205k
- Cammy @ TDI 205k
- Putyourmittenson - TDI 202k
- 67Boris - TDI 202k
- Drewroberts TDI90 201896
- Chenick's son - TDI 201623k
- Muska - TDI 200k
- zeicis - TDI 200k
- Pinkythelabrat 200K
- Martin 54 TDI 75 200+k
- Au2RO TDI - 200+k
- Listershaun - 200k +
- Rich_ 200+k
- Drewroberts 200k+
- Robthebank 200k+
Hi Steve ,
Could you add my updated mileage 277,277 I had to stop in a lay-by to catch this shot.


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Just realised looking at the initial post of this thread (i.e. the score board) that @Hans you have a 1.4 petrol that has done 300k miles! That's amazing! Has the engine been reconditioned at all in this time?


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EDIT: I can see he hasn't been on in a while but see from this post that his engine has indeed never been reconditioned etc., just had repairs as needed.
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Considering it’s done almost 600k miles it’s in bloody good shape.

Now that is impressive Steve. Well done to the owner for managing to keep this clear winner going.

Be interested to hear from the owner on a vehicle specific thread on how it is after such galactic mileage.

Kind regards,