Things to look for 1.4 petrol


A2OC Donor
Piston Slap is the only thing our 2003 A2 1.4SE Petrol has really suffered from. Started at about 60,000 Miles / 5 Years old. Mileage is now 125,000 or so and the A2 will be 17 years old in September / October. It hasn’t really caused any problem with driving but it is noisy. Doesn’t sound good. It used to be virtually silent. We live on a 20mph road with no pavements. Used to be able to drive up behind people walking in the road and they would not know you were there. It was that quiet.

Check the Service Record for Cam Belt and Water Pump Changes, Oil and Filter Changes. Do you know if you want a 4 Seat or 5 Seat version. The 4 Seat is more versatile as you can tilt or remove just 1 half of the Rear Seat, or both. With the 5 Seat version it is all tilted, or not. All Rear Seat in, or all out but you can take take 4 Passengers and the Driver.