Today I.....


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Neither did I, but then I saw in the photos, there are no holes for the inner seat mountings by the exhaust tunnel. I guess the bench seat doesn't have or need them.
ha that is a very good point. I got a black carpet set for my 5 seater, now need to check if it came from a 4 or 5 seater car
so sorry to read this, but its also the first I have heard of a car fire being put out by the car itself - well done Audi design department - i new there was a reason when the A2 cost so much money when new
Thanks , the fire brigade was also amazed , the offspring thought it was standard safety feature, for dealing with engine fires...


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It's possibly a little late, but I can confirm that the rear carpets are different depending on whether you have a 4- or 5-seater.



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Today Spud, my FSI decided to conk out again! Had driven for 90 mins or so around town. Popped into BnQ for stuff, came out, got onto roadway n stopped!
Wouldnt restart. Scanned n got P0191 code. Cleared but no different. Waited 20 mins. Restarted n ran like a sewing machine up the M5 to home.
Did same about 8 weeks ago. Thought that time maybe due to low fuel level as was in the red. This time it was full.
Hey ho, thats FSI's for ya!

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It must be normal as Boris does it sometimes and the only code showing up is to do with the thermostat :) πŸ‘ πŸ˜…


So today I ... a fairly s**ty time ...

Had a phone call to say β€œ egg β€œ
Was on fire , cue fire bridge and much fun

Cut short trip to Scotland , and trashed back home to inspect egg

Given flames was seen under the car , and huge amount of smoke , the end results are not to bad ....

It appears that the starter motor has jammed on , and got rather hot
On the plus side , The A/C pipe work , rubber hose to dyer has also popped , and very usefully put out the flames ...
For the record , all the foam sound deadening to the undertray has burned off , a rather hot lump of copper appears to have landed on the a/c pipe work , and then degased the a/c by melting a hole in it

now considering options
Wow scary stuff, sorry to hear about the damage.
I have read in passing about the sticky starter motor making worrying sounds when starting as it doesn't disengage properly but I never thought that could lead to this!

Last year my fathers Disco3 went up in smoke in the middle of the night at my brothers house. It hadn't moved since 2pm on a Saturday but they were awoken at about 3am on Sunday morning to find it in flames. By the time the fire brigade arrived and pt it out there wasn't much left.




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Today my Crystal Blue had her annual service, all filters changed, along with front discs & pads, anti-roll bar bushes and drop links. Bit of a hefty bill at just under Β£600 (about half of which was labour, that's Southern rates for you) but even if I had the time I would probably have struggled with the suspension work on my driveway. It's now sooooo quiet and smooth - I just have to remember to brake quite a lot harder :D


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This evening I drove in my A2 ...

... to a gig by G2 Definitive Genesis. Now that's what the Prog in @Proghound is all about :) 🎼🎹🎢🎸🎡πŸ₯πŸŽ™

This is not easy music to play - trust me, I know - but these guys are the absolute business. If you shut your eyes you really could believe you were in the crowd on the Seconds Out tour. But why would you want to do that when you've got two drumkits and a two-headed guitar to watch on stage? If you like any of the 1970's Genesis output (up as far as "Duke" in 1980) then I seriously recommend you get to a gig next time they're playing near you.

The best bit is that they're playing a different set at the same place tomorrow night. No prizes for guessing where I'll be 😁