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Errrr no :D
Explain please Jez :)
If you go through the menus, I believe it's in Measurement menu there is one for "Accelleration" or something like that... It then gives you instructions on what to do on the screen... Obviously only do this on a closed road, and at your own risk :) I think I managed 10.2 secs or something like that in my 1.4tdi remapped.


Hi Tom, do you ever get as far down as Cornwall? I definitely interested in Cruise and Colour DIS for Albus. May look for heated sports leather seats in the future and also do that :)

Cpt Shed

Hi Tom, do you ever get as far down as Cornwall? I definitely interested in Cruise and Colour DIS for Albus. May look for heated sports leather seats in the future and also do that :)
He was in Kernow last week, doing the same job for me, your most welcome to have a look at his handy work, drop me a message anytime.


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Hi guys, just had Tom Cunningham at my house to remap two A2s (the wifes and the lads), fit lumbar seats in mine, and alter some settings like bleep on locking and anti hijack at ten MPH in all three .
Tom has also managed to sort out a problem with the fuel gauge on the wifes A2..basically, it was telling her that she was low on fuel when the gauge was reading half a tank, at first I suspected the sender unit in the tank but having the comfort of having more than one A2 I swapped out the sender unit from one to another but that made no difference at all so on chatting to Tom he said he would take a look at it using his lekky trickery stuff and knowledge. So within 5 mins of connecting stuff up, talking to himself, and pressing some keys on his lappy, all is well again, wife is very happy, (thats the main thing hey lads) and she also has more power under her right foot.......................( that a good thing I ask)

So a big thanks to Tom for his services, totally professional and a great guy to boot.

Heres is Tom in the comfort of our kitchen performing his magic.
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Jeff Sutcliffe

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Today Tom resurrected my A2 which has been parked outside my house since 26th January when its immobiliser decided that it had done enough immobilising in its sixteen and a half years and called it a day! Tom fitted a replacement cluster - many thanks to whichever of the colour DIS users surrendered it - and, by the magic contained within his gizmo box and his amazing knowledge of our A2s, hey presto, we're up and running.

As everyone who's had the pleasure of meeting Tom and having him work on our cars says, he's undoubtedly the Club's most precious asset and long may he continue to be so.

DJ 190

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Well, it's going to be of no surprise to any A2OC member if I, too, sing the praises of that young man! Tom paid me a visit yesterday to fit the colour DIS cluster. Just about everything went "pear=shaped"! Weather was terrible ..... the battery failed on the car ..... the CCU was defective! We had a great Lunch, though, thanks to my Partner, Yanny, .I couldn't find the jump-leads! What frustration!
So Toms response to all this? Effortless ability! He had a spare CCU with him and changed it F.O.C. (Well, he had sold me THAT CCU, not TOO long ago!) This CCU was the latest type, so he re-programmed a key to suit. It was one of his keys, because both of mine were incompatible with the latest type CCU. It was so fortunate that the CCU had started to show signs of failure two days BEFORE Tom's visit! So I'm now fascinated by this superb colour DIS cluster and its huge range of readings! Oh, Tom was just about to assemble the cluster (He had to change the black dials for the white dials fitted to my unit) He noticed just a few SPECS OF DUST on the central display. So my Partner gave him a fine-haired make-up brush so that he could carefully remove those specs! WHAT a GUY! I know that I've said this before, but I think I would like to pay him just for a social visit!
Just one "negative" (but amusing) thing to mention! Tom was very proud of a "WOM" hat that he has recently acquired! It never left his head! I saw a photo of David wearing his latest "Urban" wear. SHOCK, HORROR! Well, that hat DID give a somewhat "severe" look and I would, just personally, much prefer the "usual" Tom. LOL! Yes, this is meant to be light-hearted!
So, a really big "Thank-you" to Tom!



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Thank you all very much for your positive feedback and kind words. It's quite nice to find that, when I get home from retrofitting tours, people have been documenting the activities of my travels. :)

This tour started in Staines and then progressed to Harlesden, Rickmansworth, Slough, Bridgewater, St Austell, Bristol, Gloucester, Telford, Lighthorne, Leicester, Uttoxeter, Prestatyn, Halifax, Wigan ...and home!
To anyone who may have wanted a visit, my apologies that the tour wasn't publicly advertised in advance. I had a limited amount of time and had already made promises to enough members to fill every day.

I'm pleased to read that Colour DIS is getting universal praise from those who've decided to upgrade. Very satisfying from my perspective. Thank you.

It was also extremely satisfying to get @Jeff Sutcliffe's car up and running again. Its instrument cluster had decided to completely corrupt the contents of its memory, meaning no immobiliser and no driving! It's now running on a Gen2 cluster and is set to give its owners many more miles of frugal service.

For me, this tour will be remembered as 'the cold one'. The Beast from the East was over the UK for almost the entire duration of the tour, meaning I was working outside in -4°C for many consecutive days, trying to find ways of avoiding kneeling in the snow! As for the WOM Automotive hat that seems to have caused such a stir, I'm not sure why I've given the impression that I was proud of it. It was on my head for the simple purpose for which it was designed; keeping my head warm!

The TDI120 did all 1700 miles flawlessly, though it doesn't feel anywhere near as fast with all those parts and tools in the back. As many have noted, it's a proper game of Tetris fitting it all in.

Cheers all,

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Today Tom came and retrofitted BOSE and MFSW to my A2, together with an invisible install of an XCarLink. Apart from the steering wheel controls, there is no visible sign that anything has changed. Load up some tunes though and the improvement is immediately apparent and significant.

Tom is an absolute expert and takes immense pride in his work. And a proper gent to boot. Highly recommended.

I asked Tom if he could retrofit a Colour DIS to my Mk1 TT - any fellow TTers should join me in a movement to get Tom on this particular case.


It's the little things. My rear seats were never quite in line where they meet horizontally, which has been a minor irritation to my OCD when looking in the rear view mirror.

Of course, Tom had all the seats out for the BOSE retrofit and set them straight when refitting. Of course, he never mentioned it, but this is an example of what Tom brings. The big things you know you'll get. It's the little things that you notice after a few days. Wonder what else the great man has left for me to discover . .


I was fortunate enough to have Tom out today, what was supposed to be a relatively simple job for a man of Tom’s capabilities turned into a bit of a nightmare with deeper problems than we thought. However within a few hours Tom had worked his magic, new CCCU fitted, keys coded, electric windows now work, boot opens, rear doors lock after he had corrected some of my wiring errors. A true gent, really nice person to talk too & a tremendous level of A2 electrical knowledge. Looking to forward to meeting up with Tom again for cruise control. Many thanks Tom!!


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Well, Yesterday actually, but Tom fitted my Audi OEM phone preparation to my RNS-E. Works well, just trying to get used to using the Speech Function ... I'm trying to find the different commands for it. Also, because connecting to an Android phone it took the best part of 20 minutes to download the phone list. :eek:


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This afternoon Tom installed my Xcarlink with Bluetooth, wired my front fog lights and programmed the Central locking to auto-activate after pulling off (anti hijack?).
He did a fantastic job, paying meticulous attention to detail to ensure as close to factory installation as possible. I was surprised how quickly so many trim panels were removed for the jobs, but they all went back perfectly with no rattles!
A grand job and a thoroughly pleasant chap.
Thanks Tom.
I hope your trip home (via Wom etc) goes smoothly.