Transmission miss-shifts


I've had my clutch kit change 2 months ago, it was still the original one, gave in after 160k. See pic.
Searching for mobile mechanic was difficult, most straight said no, one said £700. I've managed to find "backyard mechanic", meaning no receipt, which all together cost £400.

It works all good and sound, clutch feels much lighter and the biting point is lower, only issue is the 2nd gear doesn't go as far as before, like around 80% of way. This has caused me a lot of miss-shifts, when I was thinking it's fully engaged, but actually wasn't.
I literally have to gently slam into 2nd gear to make sure it's engaged properly. I've miss-shifted more in the last 2 months than in the last 3 years.
(1)What could be the reason the 2nd gear movement is shorter?

The transmission fluid wasn't changed, it probably due now, so I plan to do that through the reverse switch, I guess I need a long tube and refill it from above, after draining completely. (2)Do I need new bolts or I can reuse the old ones?
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