Update to Audi Tradition Orders

Hi - can you let me know price please for drivers side lower sill please delivered to Uk from Audi tradition
Thanks in advance
Cheers Dave


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Thought this may be of interest to some members.

As of the 29th July you can now order Tradition items through Audi Centres and Authorised Repairers.

If anyone has any request please feel free to message me and ill check availability etc.....

Can you confirm that Crewe Audi is such an outlet?


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FYI, Audi Tradition still have this on their website so a direct order still isn't possible.

Due to the Brexit, we are currently unable to sell goods to the UK (including Northern Ireland). Our systems are not able to handle different tax rates within the same country (UK).
Please be aware that placed orders with a UK address but a different chosen destination country will be cancelled by us.
We are already looking for a solution to this problem, but this will take some time. Thank you for your understanding.



Yes i can confirm we can supply items however after the first round of contact with Audi UK regarding potential orders the postage is expensive.

Its coming out around £45.00 + per item!!!