VCDS (& Other) Free Scan Register - Volunteers Needed

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Event date: Saturday 2020-08-01
Registration ends: Tuesday 2030-12-31
Username Guest count Note
luzt luzt 1 Sweden, central Linköping.
damadgeruk damadgeruk 1 I have registered VCDS lite.
P PaulA2 1 Full fat genuine VCDS and can code keys too
A Andrew 1 Full VCDS kit, scans and some simple coding. Available afternoons only.
timmus timmus 1 Full-fat, unlimited VCDS and intimate knowledge of the A2.
Bargepower Bargepower 1 Registered VCDS lite.
dj_efk dj_efk 1 Location will be Honiton (Devon / Somerset border) as of October. I have full VCDS but can only offer scans as I don't know how to use it beyond this!
kp 115 kp 115 1 Full VCDS unlimited, Heckington to Cambridge daily via A1/A14 corridor
Rusty911 Rusty911 1 Full VCDS Unlimited, Heathfield area of East Sussex
PlasticMac PlasticMac 1 VCDS
depronman depronman 1  


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This is an invitation to members to be added to a soon to be published VCDS register of members who offer free VCDS (or other) scans to members. The register will be a concise list arranged by volunteer location and username and kept up to date.

The following is a list of members who have previously offered a free scan either recently or on the Vag-COM Members thread. If you wish to be added to the new register please complete the RSVP, thank you.

Note. The location will be based on forum registration visible from an avatar. Please check this is current and refined enough for purpose, for example 'U.K.' is useless, just 'London' is rather vague, 'South London' is okay.

@Rusty911 @simufly @steveb @timmus @Birchall @stevec @Captain059 @celsisone @Whippet @Brentl @2work @Pinkythelabrat @Gary - G @Mustang-owner @Dynamic duo @bigwig74 @bigchunk @GuruX @johnmed @shaper @Mr K @chumsofmanutd @Hooley @ben @Skipton01 @spike @vkx245l @Sarge @alanb @chb @pc759

The invitation to be added to the register is NOT exclusive to the above, any member can volunteer to offer free scans by completing the RSVP.

Any questions/ comments post below.

Thank you.

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I thought this already existed?
Hi Bret,

I take your point but for any member without VCDS who needs a scan the Vag-COM members thread is a nightmare and almost unusable. They would would have to search six pages, it's out of date, often offers of assistance are from members who have not logged in for years, it is unsorted geographically, including many thread detours irrelevant to them.

The new register will be a simple easy reference list of members who offer a free scan, sorted geograhically, closed to replies and hopefully will be made a sticky at the top of the 'Diagnostics' subforum.



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Will the register be public, or only accessible after logging on, ie, to members only?
Hi Mac,

I have no idea if forum software can be configured to make the register only visible to logged in members, I expect so but that would not be up to me. As it stands it will be public but it will not contain confidential information beyond the general location of a member.

You do raise a good point though.



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Using Tapatalk there is no rsvp option


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Oh dear, the joys of technology way beyond me, anybody? Only fix I can suggest is to reply to the RSVP the next time you are on your laptop/desktop, but come what may I will ensure you are included on the register.

Thanks for offering.



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Great idea, I will have a a full fat version of VCDS sat waiting for me when I’m back in the country - once I’ve learnt how to use it I will gladly offer the scan service to those in need as a way of giving back to this fine community.

I wouldn’t want to start playing around with codes until I’d properly learnt the ropes on my own car though!!!