Water in the well

Phil FSI

Today I lifted the carpet in the drivers footwell to change my ECU and found 2 things.
1, The ECU was not there and
2, the foam underlay was wet along the sill edge.

I found the ECU under the passenger side and managed to change it but I’m a bit concerned about this damp carpet.

could it be that there is or should be something inside the door to stop rain coming in?
I don’t have OSS
Anyone else have wet foam along their sill?
I love them clips that hold the aluminium plates in place 👍🏻


A2OC Donor
The water drains down the door and out the lower edge. If you park on the camber with the drivers side higher than the passengers there is a chance this water can come over the sill step and into the car. What condition are the bottom of the door trims? Are they wet and or mouldy? It is worth cleaning out the drains in the bottom of the doors to reduce the build up inside before they empty.
Its always useful when these clever Germans provide a spare ECU under the passenger floor when someone nicks the one from the drivers floor.:D

Phil FSI

I did notice the lowest part of the door card had some white fluff on it under the speaker/door pocket.
I will have a look at the drain holes tomorrow and pokes bit of wire up them.
Luckily the door card is coming off this season to have its check strap replaced to will give the door a good clean out then.
I sprayed furniture polish in the bottoms of my very first car!