What’s the worse sales advert one liner


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Currently working on a North Sea oil rig but can be delivered to your door once the funds have cleared in my Nigerian bank account. Send deposit now to secure.


"Brilliant car, never needed anything doing to it"

Always makes alarm bells ring for me. Read as: "Usually I drive something until it is broken. reactive maintenance only and definitely no servicing"

Kernow A2

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can't find log book.......................No what you mean to say is only just bought the car and flipping to make a quick profit or I've found its got loads of faults and can't afford to fix it.....


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'Investment opportunity'

A 1962 Ferrari might offer an investment opportunity but the vast majority of cars are potential money pits and not investment opportunities ........

'Future classic'

As applied equally to hundreds of different cars by the used car trade to add an extra 25% to the asking price. Well potentially anything is a future classic depending how many decades you are prepared to wait for that future to arrive ..........