What does the future hold?

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As a prospective purchaser of an A2, and someone who hangs on to his cars for some years...not an annual updater...I'm a little apprehensive about the car ceasing production in 2005. What effect is this going to have? It could lead to classic status with sought after low mileage cars commanding a premium..or unwanted oddities with dubious back up from Audi dealers...difficult to repair because of the aluminium technology and difficult to sell. What do people think? How long are car manufacturers obliged to support models?


Slicer. Mmmmmmmmmmmm-well, here are my thoughts for what they are worth.

The A2 doesn't get the praise it deserves. There are a multitude of car magazines and motoring websites which carry regular group tests and very rarely do you see the A2. Now this could be a fault of Audi-do they push the A2 enough?. There have been adverts but I think Audi position themselves at the end of the market where they think advertising is for the masses and not a 'done thing' amongst their clientele.

This can go two ways-either the A2 will achieve a 'cult' status or will disappear into the night without a mention. I read recently in Autoexpress recently their piece on 'cult' cars-one was the new Mini and one was the Lupo GTi-both new models like the A2. Also, I can't recall where I read this, but I'm sure it said the mini had sold more than Jaguar, SEAT or Skoda across their respective ranges-not just one model-the entire range. I have seen more mini's on the road recently-as driving school cars, estate agent workhorses etc. How can a vehicle that will flood the market receive cult status already?. Huge popularity yes-cult maybe not for another 25 years. The original Mini did as this was a pioneering car-the new mini is just a fatter, modern version. As for the Lupo........

I don't know what the sales figures are for the A2, but they do sell, and there are plenty at the dealers-just search the Audi used car website and it will shock you. But if they don't sell them they wont just scrap them of push them off a cliff somewhere-they will sell them so there will eventually be a significant number of A2's on the road.

Support will therefore be needed-the engine's are VAG ones used elsewhere in other models. The rest of the A2 is more unique, but Audi will not just stop support-ongoing upkeep is where they make money as well as selling vehicles-Audi could see this as an opportunity to charge more for parts because they don't make the A2 anymore-but that is going many many year ahead and may never happen. Don't forget that the A8 is aluminium bodied and will need support.

This is all subjective. Who knows what will happen in a few years-government policy changes like the wind (including Audi's strategy) and with the emphasis on higher mpg's the A2 is ideally positioned.

Whatever happens, the A2 has a dedicated following of fans that will love the A2 forever. If that isn't a good enough reason to buy one, what is?!?.

Steve - 1.4SE petrol, 2002, Silver
I wholly agree with that Steve. I think it will become classic or cult due to the small numbers involved. Audi will always have to support it.

I guess the only thing is that it may be more difficult to replace a car after a write off.

I actually think the A2 does very well in all magazines where it is tested but doesn't get tested enough. It's almost as if Audi thought it would sell itself. As I said before Merc got bad publicity but it was publicity nonetheless. If only 10% of the people hearing about the elk test bought an A class thats a lot of cars.

I honestly don't think that the majority of the car buying population know the A2 exists. Of course that's not neccesarily a bad thing!

Rob Earl

Just found this piece of info while having a surf around.

Only 600 A2s came into the UK in 2000, followed by just 1,800 in 2001. Used vehicles will therefore be in demand, so expect ebullient used prices.

Aren't we an elite bunch!!!!

ps. what does ebullient mean??[?]

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