Which chocolate Wheels are best?...

I'm hearing about these standard A1 alloys that fit on to the A2 without any fuss. what are these, and can somebody tell me what they're like?... I'm running on Audi sport 17inch at the moment and they are not quite as round as they should be... Can someone post a picture, with prices and their personal review?.... Failing that,- Does anyone have a mint set of 17inch Audi sport rims for sale?..🤔
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My A1 10 spokes were under £200 with 5+ mm premium tyres. They pop up for less sometimes in various states of condition. As is the case with most second hand purchases, time invested in looking usually pays. I've had some incredible A2 associated bargains.
The 17" Audi sport rims look fantastic, but are heavy and notoriously fragile. The 16" six spoke SE rims are considerably more robust, an excellent visual match to the A2 of course, and are really easy to pick up used.
I've heard the same,- but I think those 10 spoke A1 rims are marvelous... and they're 16inch,- more tyre= more comfort I presume.. 🤔