Which rear shocks for 1.4TDi Sport?


I know I know..... far too many suspension posts to trawl through them all... after a pair of rear shocks for my TDi 90, GSF have a big discount at the mo, but there are 'standard', 'sport', and 'heavy duty' rear shocks, what would be equivalent to a standard TDi 90? Loads to choose from
Steve T
I’m thinking about this as well and also wondering if the springs need changing as the ride is getting soft
Floaty ride is a sign you need to replace shocks not springs ;).
@allypug: when replacing my shocks on my 1.4 petrol I wend with Sachs sport in front and normal in rear. When using the car as a daily I would prefer normal also in the front, because you could feel that front was more stiff. But now as a weekend car, I am ok with that. Though this does not relate directly to your question, since you have a different engine and also you will probably buy different shocks. Use this just as experience...
Bilstein B4 19-106120 is sold to replace OEM part numbers 8Z0513025E and 8Z0513025J.

Bilstein B4 19-106120

Audi parts catalogue
78Z0513025JGas shock absorber2PR-0N1+1GA,G07
78Z0513025NGas shock absorber2PR-0N9+1GF,G03
78Z0513025EGas shock absorber2PR-0N1+1GL+G08
78Z0513025MGas shock absorber
F >> 8Z-3-030 000


78Z0513025NGas shock absorber
F 8Z-3-030 001>>