Wishbone pivot bolt snapped!!

These are what I used.


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Hi there. I've the same issue and looking to get both Polo 9N consoles, as there seem to be no A2 available, even 2nd hand on the 'bay. Can you let me know the part numbers for both please? Also for the bushes too. Many thanks 🙏

Polo MK4 left console

Polo MK4 right console

The above two OEM part numbers were mentioned in this thread

The Polo MK4 consoles use softer rubber bushes compared to the solid rubber bushes that the Audi A2 uses. You could replace the Polo MK4 rubber bushes with solid rubber bushes from the Seat Ibiza Cupra which are the same or very similar to the Audi A2 rubber bushes. However, you could use the Polo MK4 rubber bushes if you don't mind the extra comfort and flex in the front suspension.

Consoles listed in Polo MK4 parts catalogue
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