1. E

    [1.6 FSI vs 1.4] - Common bits and parts.

    Hi all, Calling @A2Steve and @Clackers and all the knowledgeable people on here. I have found a 1.4 A2 that is being sold for parts in Cyprus. Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/227590246070391/?referralSurface=messenger_lightspeed_banner&referralCode=messenger_banner I...
  2. IansMusical

    A2 1.4 AUA LHD Petrol: Another coolant leak but where from?

    Hi All, I had a recent coolant leak which turned out to be coming from the thermostat housing where it bolts onto the head/block. That was replaced and all was well but now there is another coolant leak. I can actually see a pink puddle of coolant just above the driveshaft near the gearbox...
  3. W

    PART name and/or NUMBER Required please!!

    evening all, Had my 03 1.4tdi up on the ramp today to change my anti roll bar bushes but I noticed a stabilising arm from the gearbox to the subframe had an unusual amount of play in it and I’m wondering if it’s this I can hear when going on small bumps etc. After doing the roll bar bushes...
  4. R

    EGR valve replacement or clean

    Hi all, this is my first post in this informative group so please excuse my potential ignorance. I had a VAG diagnostics scan today due to a number of issues that have recenty occured, EM light on and overheating being 2 of them. The scan came back saying I had potential errors with the EGR. Now...
  5. IansMusical

    2001 A2 1.4 AUA LHD 83000 miles Oil leak from undertray/sump?

    I've noticed a few drips of oil coming from the undertray. Jacked it up and removed the drivers side wheel and could see that the undertray is wet around the sump area. In fact the sump itself is quite manky but the block upwards is dry. The sensor at the bottom of the sump and its wire are very...
  6. IansMusical

    Coolant leak on AUA 1.4 (pink residue near temp sensor and top of gearbox)

    Hello All, I've just replaced the headlights on my wife's 2001 LHD 1.4 A2 so that we can use it on UK roads but noticed the coolant expansion tank is empty! :o Having read some previous postings that mostly relate to the 1.6, I believe that the Y shaped plastic pipe and the one that runs...
  7. P12MOO

    1.4 Petrol Thermostat location / guide to fix?

    Hi all, Hope you can help. Off and on for the past few months we have had problems starting the A2 (1.4 petrol) and also the fans in the car have felt weak. Had some time to look into the problems last weekend and to resolve the fans problem I removed the glove box and took out the...
  8. F

    1.4 Petrol makes a bizarre noise when starting

    Like an elephant... that's the best way to describe it. Dunno whether it's cogs jumping or something, don't have any problems starting it just makes the most bizarre noise. Any ideas ??