1. stevieA2

    new owner 1.4 se ,,,,now the work begins !

    hello yall. Just bought a 1.4 se and also a cheap set of 17" audi alloys 5x112 et 56. I now have 20mm adapters but the bolts that go into the hub seem too long .. but the originals that go through the new alloy onto the adapter are fine .... Anybody any idea what size , length...
  2. CwK80

    Boring Tyre Query!

    Hey folks... apologies for not being on here for a long time. But I have a boring tyre question/query to ask! My car has gone through the MOT with an advisory on 3 of the tyres. Both rear tyres and the NS front have cuts on the tyre wall. The NS front has a very slow puncture because of it...
  3. L.Hurst

    16" SE Alloys - How much?

    Hi there Havent been on here for along time really. Basically I am thinking of selling my 16" SE alloys which have been in garage for awhile now. All four tyres have a good amount of tread on, and all alloys are in good condition, very min. curbing and only one scratch. So all in all a...