1. C

    Bose Subwoofer Location/Pictures

    Hello, I’m new here so sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section. I wanted to know where is the OEM Bose subwoofer located in the boot? Would anyone be kind enough to supply some pictures on what it looks like or is it concealed? I came across a picture in another thread which I have...
  2. D

    Chorus 1 + Bluetooth. Compatible?

    Hi all, I just bought a 2001 Audi A2, and I’m looking for a little help. It’s got the Chorus 1 head unit, and I wanted to add Bluetooth, so bought this: The ad...
  3. sciroccorrado

    Alternative solution for Double Din

    Okay, anybody come across these guys before? From what I can gather they are selling a unit that converts a normal CAN-BUS audio system to be...
  4. G

    Concert to AUX

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this has been covered already but I have had a look and couldn't see it. I am looking for a cheap and quick way to connect an AUX cable to my Concert stereo - I am not concerned about it charging the device it is connected to, I just want to be able to play music...
  5. D

    Keep an aftermarket HU or revert back to proper Audi unit?

    Hi Guys - this is my first post. I bought my first A2 last weekend and all the information that I've read on this forum has been incredible. You guys clearly know your stuff - which is good for me as I need to plunder your expertise! My A2 is a 2001 Y-reg SE TDi 75. The previous owner had...
  6. M

    NEW TO THE CLUB! Buying double din radio + Sub. !!!!HELP!!!!!

    Hi all, Im a new a2 owner and have only just passed my driving test and was wondering about the audio system in my car. I really want to put a sub or 2 in my car and a new radio in the front. Preferably a double din radio because they look nice and work well. If anyone has put speakers or a...
  7. W

    iPhone kit advice for 2001 A2 with Concert II

    Hi all, I am a new owner of an A2 2001 1.4 TDI. As an avid apple user, i am searching for the best solution to hook up my iPhone 3G in the Audi to utilize phone and ipod functions. Ideally a single solution would be great, but i'm not opposed to using a few systems, just looking for the BEST...
  8. andrew007007

    Ipod holder and charger

    Looking for a ipod holder and charger, the ones i have seen i dont like, eg, colour or looks tacky. Needs to be black or a dark colour. Any ideas members? Cheers, Andrew.