1. B

    Plastic piece over ECO button

    Hello, I'm looking for where to buy this plastic piece. It is in version 1.2TDI 3L. Code 8Z0941515. Thank you for your response.
  2. B

    Preserving Soft Touch Trim

    We have a late model A2 with low milage and immaculate soft touch switches and panels and would like to keep them looking good for as long as possible. Short of not touching the buttons, has anybody got any top tips for keeping the white scratches and rub marks at bay? Or should I just accept...
  3. C

    What do these buttons do and could I use WD40 to clean then face

    Hi, i`ve searched and can`t find what do the circled buttons do. appreciate your help also wondered if anyone used WD40 to clean the buttons when they get stuck when pressed I know it should not cause anything but we all know the paint is very sensitive on these.
  4. ndavid

    Concert 2: volume button stuck in

    Hi, I bought a Concert 2 head unit and when it arrived I noticed that the on-off/volume button stuck in. I cannot push, pull or rotate it. I'm still hesitating, should I send it back or may I try to fix it. How difficult is to get off the front panel, and do I have any chance to make it...
  5. R

    Soft Touch Butttons - Solved .....very nearly.

    Hi folks, I have some exciting news for you all :D I've been using a product called SUGRU to make all sorts of gadgets for my mountain biking exploits - esp. lights, switches etc. The stuff very much like soft modelling clay (but synthetic) and you can mould, smooth and fashion just...
  6. Design-Time

    What do you think of this? It could push all the right buttons!

    I have had my A2 for a couple of week now and it’s is fantastic! My only disappointment is the dreaded climate control button damage. I looked at a few A2’s and everyone had the same problem. The button damage really stands out and spoils an otherwise mint condition car. I have trawled this...