colour storm

  1. Bluebeard

    Dutch Imola Colour Storm signing up.

    Hi all, As a long time member of the Dutch forum I went ahead and made an account here and payed for the upgrade. So introductions, introductions. Here goes: Being from an EU country, mine is a left hand drive 2004 Yellow Color Storm 1.4 BBY. We've been together since early 2018 and I am it's...
  2. Sammac


    Hi everyone, we were wondering what the valuation of our a2 is. It's a 2004 fsi 1.6 colour storm blue petrol. We are a little confused about it's worth! We bought it a month ago but have had issues with the car and not sure if it's worth the work!
  3. mrbroons

    Project Papaya (CS)

    I thought I would start off a project thread on my Papaya CS. I have been on the forum since 2009 and in 2010 I managed to find a very nice Castle Red 1.4TDi with OpenSky and that was me hooked. I spent some time on the forum and enjoyed getting the car the way I wanted including a Parrot...